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NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds
NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds

NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds

NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds

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The Prez
77% in NHL - EASY $$
10-3 to start the year - he's on a huge run

Cashed his Best Weds EASY - Check Back Fri
He proved his worth in Baseball cashing in at a 70% rate for the entire season. NHL will be the same as he already won his only Best Bet and is already 9-3 on the season, making double digit units for his customers. Including last year, he is 10-3 to start the year and on a  BIG 22-8 NHL Run - he will end this season in the high 60% zone. Don't miss one more play.
NBA/NHL 1 month
NHL 1 month
NHL 7 months

LT Profits
The official NHL Dog Hunter
Don't Miss his Big Time NHL Breakaway

LT Has THE Friday Afternoon Puck Winner
LT plays mostly dogs and totals, and find the right plays to cash in with! Finishing last season on an absolute Totals Tear he ripped off a 13-7 run winning 14 of his last 23 Cards. LT is crushing the books again this year cashing Dog after Dog, it's easy NHL Cash.

NHL Fri: 110% Guaranteed Afternoon Winner at 2:00 ET
NHL 10 months

Alex Smart
Smart is 62% in the NHL
Hovering right around 20 Units in the NHL

His Sides are MASSIVE Going 19-11 So Far
Alex Smart is off to the hottest start ANYWHERE in pucks in 2006.  Knee deep in the heart of hockey country and he's become legendary for his winning streaks that go on for months at a time. He has his "Smart Pucks System" rolling right now and is 42-26 NHL 2006.
NHL 1 week
NHL 1 month
NHL 9 months

Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis OWN'S the NHL
He's aleady Up Close to 20 BIG NHL Units

On a BIG 7-4 Run Ben Cashes Nightly in NHL
He's back and his hockey system is going to leave others in the dust.   He loves the dog and nobody picks them better. Ben is up close to 20 Units on the Seaosn and on a Nice 7-4 Run. His ice plays cash Nightly

AJ Apollo
W2BO's #1 All Sport Capper
AJ Apollo is Ready For BIG His NHL Streak

The Best Multi Sports Capper in the Business
Get on board for a winning NHL Season, as AJ has proved that he has what it take to win at gambling, and Hockey is NO different! Get on board for a profitable season!

Ken Jenkins
The Breakaway is ON
His Friday Play will be a MONSTER

The Outlaw's plays are all MUST PLAYS
He Started 2003/4 going 70% for 1st 3 Months and ended that season 62%. He's never had a losing NHL season in 10 years and has hit in the 65% in a year, twice in a decade. He plays 1 play a day and no-one is better. Last season he made Big Units in all his plays and his sides were golden in 2005/6.
NHL 2 weeks
NHL 10 months
NHL +Ben Burns 7 months

Ben Burns
The Documented Champ
Burns is 100% in His NHL 2006 Top Bets

Sound the Goal Horn, Ben Burns Scored again
Ben's insight and analysis easily show why he's a documented NHL handicapping champion. He's already up units, his NHL Sides are 62% and he's got a ton more cash on the way.
NHL 1 month
NHL 10 months
NHL +Ken Jenkins 7 months

Pacific Star
Up BIG Units in NHL So Far
The Pac Man makes Easy Cash in the NHL

Check Soon for more of Pac's Puck Winners
Last year they only put out 5 NHL plays and went 3-2 in them. This season, Stephen, the head of Pacific Star Sports has actually moved to Hockey Mad Canada and they will be playing every day. Watch out for a big season from Star in NHL this year.
NHL 1 week






Quote of the Month
"The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity"

- Unknown