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NCAA College Footbal Betting Odds

NCAA College Footbal Betting Odds

NCAA Football - Rose Bowl Quick Facts
NCAA Football - Rose Bowl Quick FactsCity: Pasadena, Calif. Stadium: Rose Bowl. Capacity: 102,083. Playing surface: Grass. First game: Jan. 1, 1902. Playing sites: Tournament Park (1902, 1916-22), Rose Bowl (1923-41 and since 1943) and Duke Stadium in Durham, N.C. (1942, due to wartime restrictions following Japan's attack at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941). Corporate sponsor: AT&T (since 1998).

Automatic berths: Pacific Coast Conference champion vs. opponent selected by PCC (1924-45 seasons); Big Ten champion vs. Pac-10 champion (1946-97); Bowl Championship Series: Big Ten champion vs. Pac-10 champion, if available (1998-2000, 2002-05 seasons) and #1 vs. #2 in Jan. 2002 and Jan. 2006.

Multiple wins: USC (20); Michigan (8); Washington (7); Ohio St. (6); Stanford and UCLA (5); Alabama (4); Illinois, Michigan St. and Wisconsin (3); California and Iowa (2).

Interesting Fact:
The stadium was given the name "The Rose Bowl" by a local reporter named Harlan W. Hall in 1923.

Winners & MVPs
01/01/2003 Oklahoma Washington State 34-14 Nate Hybl, quarterback, Washington State
01/03/2002 Miami Nebraska 37-14 Ken Dorsey, quarterback, Miami
Andre Johnson, wide receiver, Miami
01/01/2001 Washington Purdue 34-24 Marques Tuiasosopo, Washington, quarterback
01/01/2000 Wisconsin Stanford 17-9 Ron Dayne, Wisconsin, running back
01/01/1999 Wisconsin UCLA 38-31 Ron Dayne, Wisconsin, running back
01/01/1998 Michigan Washington State 21-16 Brian Griese, Michigan, quarterback
01/01/1997 Ohio State Arizona State 20-17 Joe Germaine, Ohio State, quarterback
01/01/1996 USC Northwestern 41-32 Keyshawn Johnson, USC, wide receiver
01/02/1995 Penn State Oregon 38-20 Ki-Jana Carter, Penn State, running back
Danny O'Neil, Oregon, quarterback
01/01/1994 Wisconsin UCLA 21-16 Brent Moss, Wisconsin, tailback
01/01/1993 Michigan Washington 38-31 Tyrone Wheatley, Michigan, tailback
01/01/1992 Washington Michigan 34-14 Steve Emtman, Washington, defensive tackle
Billy Joe Hobert, Washington, quarterback
01/01/1991 Washington Iowa 46-34 Mark Brunell, Washington, quarterback
01/01/1990 USC Michigan 17-10 Ricky Ervins, USC, tailback
01/02/1989 Michigan USC 22-14 Leroy Hoard, Michigan, fullback
01/01/1988 Michigan State USC 20-17 Percy Snow, Michigan State, linebacker
01/01/1987 Arizona State Michigan 22-15 Jeff Van Raaphorst, Arizona State, quarterback
01/01/1986 UCLA Iowa 45-28 Eric Ball, UCLA, halfback
01/01/1985 USC Ohio State 20-17 Jack Del Rio, USC, outside linebacker
Tim Green, USC, quarterback
01/02/1984 UCLA Illinois 45-9 Rick Neuheisel, UCLA, quarterback
01/01/1983 UCLA Michigan 24-14 Tom Ramsey, UCLA, quarterback
Don Rogers, UCLA, defensive back
01/01/1982 Washington Iowa 28-0 Jacque Robinson, Washington, tailback
01/01/1981 Michigan Washington 23-6 Butch Woolfolk, Michigan, tailback
01/01/1980 USC Ohio State 17-16 Charles White, USC, tailback
01/01/1979 USC Michigan 17-10 Charles White, USC, tailback
Rich Leach, Michigan, quarterback
01/02/1978 Washington Michigan 27-20 Warren Moon, Washington, quarterback
01/01/1977 USC Michigan 14-6 Vince Evans, USC, quarterback
01/01/1976 UCLA Ohio State 23-10 John Sciarra, UCLA, quarterback
01/01/1975 USC Ohio State 18-17 Pat Haden, USC, quarterback
John McKay, USC, split end
01/01/1974 Ohio State USC 42-21 Cornelius Green, Ohio State, quarterback
01/01/1973 USC Ohio State 42-17 Sam Cunningham, USC, fullback
01/01/1972 Stanford Michigan 13-12 Don Bunce, Stanford, quarterback
01/01/1971 Stanford Ohio State 27-17 Jim Plunkett, Stanford, quarterback
01/01/1970 USC Michigan 10-3 Bob Chandler, USC, fullback
01/01/1969 Ohio State USC 27-16 Rex Kern, Ohio State, quarterback
01/01/1968 USC Indiana 14-3 O.J. Simpson, USC, halfback
01/02/1967 Purdue USC 14-13 John Charles, Purdue, defensive back
01/01/1966 UCLA Michigan State 14-12 Bob Stiles, UCLA, defensive back
01/01/1965 Michigan Oregon State 34-7 Mel Anthony, Michigan, fullback
01/01/1964 Illinois Washington 17-7 Jim Grabowski, Illinois, fullback
01/01/1963 USC Wisconsin 42-37 Pete Beathard, USC, quarterback
Ron Vander Kelen, Wisconsin, quarterback
01/01/1962 Minnesota UCLA 21-3 Sandy Stephens, Minnesota, quarterback
01/02/1961 Washington Minnesota 17-7 Bob Schloredt, Washington, quarterback
01/01/1960 Washington Wisconsin 44-8 George Fleming, Washington, halfback
Bob Schloredt, Washington, quarterback
01/01/1959 Iowa California 38-12 Bob Jeter, Iowa, halfback
01/01/1958 Ohio State Oregon 10-7 Jack Crabtree, Oregon, quarterback
01/01/1957 Iowa Oregon State 35-19 Kenneth Ploen, Iowa, quarterback
01/02/1956 Michigan State UCLA 17-14 Walt Kowalcyzk, Michigan State, halfback
01/01/1955 Ohio State USC 20-7 Dave Leggett, Ohio State, quarterback
01/01/1954 Michigan State UCLA 28-20 Billy Wells, Michigan State, halfback
01/01/1953 USC Wisconsin 7-0 Rudy Bukich, USC, halfback
01/01/1952 Illinois Stanford 40-7 Bill Tate, Illinois, halfback
01/01/1951 Michigan California 14-6 Don Dufek, Michigan, fullback
01/02/1950 Ohio State California 17-14 Fred Morrison, Ohio State, fullback
01/01/1949 Northwestern California 20-14 Frank Aschenbrenner, Northwestern, halfback
01/01/1948 Michigan USC 49-0 Bob Chappuis, Michigan, halfback
01/01/1947 Illinois UCLA 45-14 Julius Rykovich, Illinois, halfback
Buddy Young, Illinois, halfback
01/01/1946 Alabama USC 34-14 Harry Gilmer, Alabama, halfback
01/01/1945 USC Tennessee 25-0 Jim Hardy, USC, quarterback
01/01/1944 USC Washington 29-0 Norman Verry, USC, guard
01/01/1943 Georgia UCLA 9-0 Charley Trippi, Georgia, halfback
01/01/1942 Oregon State Duke 20-16 Don Durdan, Oregon State, halfback
01/01/1941 Stanford Nebraska 21-13 Pete Kmetovic, Stanford, halfback
01/01/1940 USC Tennessee 14-0 Ambrose Schindler, USC, quarterback
01/02/1939 USC Duke 7-3 Al Kreuger, USC, end
Doyle Nave, USC, quarterback
01/01/1938 California Alabama 13-0 Vic Bottari, California, halfback
01/01/1937 Pittsburgh Washington 21-0 Bill Daddio, Pittsburgh, end
01/01/1936 Stanford SMU 7-0 Keith Topping, Stanford, end
Jim Moscript, Stanford, end
01/01/1935 Alabama Stanford 29-13 "Dixie" Howell, Alabama, halfback
01/01/1934 Columbia Stanford 7-0 Cliff Montgomery, Columbia, quarterback
01/02/1933 USC Pittsburgh 35-0 Homer Griffith, USC, quarterback
01/01/1932 USC Tulane 21-12 Erny Pinckert, USC, halfback
01/01/1931 Alabama Washington State 24-0 John Campbell, Alabama, quarterback
01/01/1930 USC Pittsburgh 47-14 Russ Saunders, USC, quarterback
01/01/1929 Georgia Tech California 8-7 Bennie Lom, California, halfback
01/02/1928 Stanford Pittsburgh 7-6 Cliff Hoffman, Stanford, fullback
01/01/1927 Stanford Alabama 7-7 Fred Pickhard, Alabama, tackle
01/01/1926 Alabama Washington 20-19 George Wilson, Washington, halfback
John Mack Brown, Alabama, halfback
01/01/1925 Notre Dame Stanford 27-10 Ernie Nevers, Stanford, fullback
01/01/1924 Washington Navy 14-14 Ira McKee, Navy, quarterback
01/01/1923 USC Penn State 14-3 Leo Calland, USC, guard
01/02/1922 California Washington & Jefferson 0-0 Russell Stein, Washington & Jefferson, tackle
01/01/1921 California Ohio State 28-0 Harold Muller, California, end
01/01/1920 Harvard Oregon 7-6 Eddie Casey, Harvard, halfback
01/01/1919 Great Lakes-US Navy Mare Island-USMC 17-0 George Halas, US Navy, end
01/01/1918 Mare Island-USMC Camp Lewis-US Army 19-7 Hollis Huntington, USMC, fullback
01/01/1917 Oregon Pennsylvania 14-0 John Beckett, Oregon, tackle
01/01/1916 Washington State Brown 14-0 Carl Dietz, Washington State, fullback
01/01/1902 Michigan Stanford 49-0 Neil Snow, Michigan, fullback


NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds
NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds
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