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NCAA College Footbal Betting Odds

NCAA College Footbal Betting Odds

NCAA Football - Nokia Sugar Bowl Quick Facts
NCAA Football - Nokia Sugar Bowl Quick FactsCity: New Orleans, La. Stadium: Louisiana Superdome. Capacity: 77,446. Playing surface: AstroTurf. First game: Jan. 1, 1935. Playing sites: Tulane Stadium (1935-74) and Superdome (since 1975). Corporate title sponsors: USF&G Financial Services (1987-95) and Nokia cellular telephones of Finland (starting in 1995).

Automatic berths: SEC champion vs. at-large opponent (1976-91 seasons); SEC champion vs. one of first five picks from 8-team Bowl Coalition pool (1992-94 seasons); #4 vs. #6 on Dec. 31, 1995; #1 vs. #2 on Jan. 2, 1997; and #3 vs. #5 on Jan. 1, 1998; Bowl Championship Series: SEC champion, if available, vs. at-large (1998-99, 2000-02, 2004-05 seasons) and #1 vs. #2 on Jan. 4, 2000 and Jan. 2004.

Multiple wins: Alabama (8); Mississippi (5); Florida St., Georgia Tech, LSU, Oklahoma and Tennessee (4); Nebraska (3); Florida, Georgia, Miami-FL, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Santa Clara and TCU (2).

Interesting Fact:
World's largest steel-constructed room unobstructed by posts

Winners & MVPs
01/01/2003 Georgia Florida State 26-13 Musa Smith, running back, Georgia
01/01/2002 LSU Illinois 47-34 Rohan Davey, quarterback, LSU
01/02/2001 Miami Florida 37-20 Ken Dorsey, Miami, quarterback
01/04/2000 Florida State Virginia Tech 46-29 Peter Warrick, Florida State, wide receiver
01/01/1999 Ohio State Texas A&M 24-14 David Boston, Ohio State, receiver
01/01/1998 Florida State Ohio State 31-14 E.G. Green, Florida State, receiver
01/02/1997 Florida Florida State 52-20 Danny Wuerffel, Florida, quarterback
12/31/1995 Virginia Tech Texas 28-10 Bryan Still, Virginia Tech, wide receiver
01/02/1995 Florida State Florida 23-17 Warrick Dunn, Florida State, running back
01/01/1994 Florida West Virginia 41-7 Errict Rhett, Florida, running back
01/01/1993 Alabama Miami (Fla.) 34-13 Derrick Lassic, Alabama, running back
01/01/1992 Notre Dame Florida 39-28 Jerome Bettis, Notre Dame, fullback
01/01/1991 Tennessee Virginia 23-22 Andy Kelly, Tennessee, quarterback
01/01/1990 Miami (Fla.) Alabama 33-25 Craig Erickson, Miami (Fla.), quarterback
01/01/1989 Florida State Auburn 13-7 Sammie Smith, Florida State, running back
01/01/1988 *Auburn Syracuse 16-16 Don McPherson, Syracuse, quarterback
01/01/1987 Nebraska LSU 30-15 Steve Taylor, Nebraska, quarterback
01/01/1986 Tennessee Miami (Fla.) 35-7 Daryl Dickey, Tennessee, quarterback
01/01/1985 Nebraska LSU 28-10 Craig Sundberg, Nebraska, quarterback
01/02/1984 Auburn Michigan 9-7 Bo Jackson, Auburn, running back
01/01/1983 Penn State Georgia 27-23 Todd Blackledge, Penn State, quarterback
01/01/1982 Pittsburgh Georgia 24-20 Dan Marino, Pittsburgh, quarterback
01/01/1981 Georgia Notre Dame 17-10 Herschel Walker, Georgia, running back
01/01/1980 Alabama Arkansas 24-9 Major Ogilvie, Alabama, running back
01/01/1979 Alabama Penn State 14-7 Barry Krauss, Alabama, linebacker
01/01/1978 Alabama Ohio State 35-6 Jeff Rutledge, Alabama, quarterback
01/01/1977 Pittsburgh Georgia 27-3 Matt Cavanaugh, Pittsburgh, quarterback
12/31/1975 Alabama Penn State 13-6 Richard Todd, Alabama, quarterback
12/31/1974 Nebraska Florida 13-10 Tony Davis, Nebraska, fullback
12/31/1973 Notre Dame Alabama 24-23 Tom Clements, Notre Dame, quarterback
12/31/1972 Oklahoma Penn State 14-0 Tinker Owens, Oklahoma, flanker
01/01/1972 Oklahoma Auburn 40-22 Jack Mildren, Oklahoma, quarterback
01/02/1971 Tennessee Air Force 34-13 Bobby Scott, Tennessee, quarterback
01/01/1970 Mississippi Arkansas 27-22 Archie Manning, Mississippi, quarterback
01/01/1969 Arkansas Georgia 16-2 Chuck Dicus, Arkansas, flanker
01/01/1968 LSU Wyoming 20-13 Glenn Smith, LSU, halfback
01/01/1967 Alabama Nebraska 34-7 Kenny Stabler, Alabama, quarterback
01/01/1966 Missouri Florida 20-18 Steve Spurrier, Florida, quarterback
01/01/1965 LSU Syracuse 13-10 Doug Moreau, LSU, flanker
01/01/1964 Alabama Mississippi 12-7 Tim Davis, Alabama, Kicker
01/01/1963 Mississippi Arkansas 17-13 Glynn Griffing, Mississippi, quarterback
01/01/1962 Alabama Arkansas 10-3 Mike Fracchia, Alabama, fullback
01/02/1961 Mississippi Rice 14-6 Jake Gibbs, Mississippi, quarterback
01/01/1960 Mississippi LSU 21-0 Bobby Franklin, Mississippi, quarterback
01/01/1959 LSU Clemson 7-0 Billy Cannon, LSU, halfback
01/01/1958 Mississippi Texas 39-7 Raymond Brown, Mississippi, quarterback
01/01/1957 Baylor Tennessee 13-7 Del Shofner, Baylor, halfback
01/02/1956 Georgia Tech Pittsburgh 7-0 Franklin Brooks, Georgia Tech, guard
01/01/1955 Navy Mississippi 21-0 Joe Gattuso, Navy, fullback
01/01/1954 Georgia Tech West Virginia 42-19 "Pepper" Rodgers, Georgia Tech, quarterback
01/01/1953 Georgia Tech Mississippi 24-7 Leon Hardemann, Georgia Tech, halfback
01/01/1952 Maryland Tennessee 28-13 Ed Modzelewski, Maryland, fullback
01/01/1951 Kentucky Oklahoma 13-7 Walt Yowarsky, Kentucky, tackle
01/02/1950 Oklahoma State LSU 35-0 Leon Heath, Oklahoma, quarterback
01/01/1949 Oklahoma North Carolina 14-6 Jack Mitchell, Oklahoma, quarterback
01/01/1948 Texas Alabama 27-7 Bobby Layne, Texas, quarterback
01/01/1947 Georgia North Carolina 20-10 None
01/01/1946 Oklahoma State St. Mary's (Cal.) 33-13 None
01/01/1945 Duke Alabama 29-26 None
01/01/1944 Georgia Tech Tulsa 20-18 None
01/01/1943 Tennessee Tulsa 14-7 None
01/01/1942 Fordham Missouri 2-0 None
01/01/1941 Boston College Tennessee 19-13 None
01/01/1940 Texas A&M Tulane 14-13 None
01/02/1939 Texas Christian Carnegie Mellon 15-7 None
01/01/1938 Santa Clara LSU 6-0 None
01/01/1937 Santa Clara LSU 21-14 None
01/01/1936 Texas Christian LSU 3-2 None
01/01/1935 Tulane Temple 20-14 None

NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds
NCAA Football Betting Guide Odds
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